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Christmas for the Elderly
Adopting an elderly person for Christmas
Great things are coming....
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Christmas for the Elderly

It's that time of the year again. You know the time of the year where it is important to think of others.  I have about 60 elderly and/or disabled clients who basically live without any of lifes "extras".  Very few of them have family or friends that come to check on them and I would say 90% of them will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas alone with no Thanksgiving meal and no Christmas cheer or even a simple gift or card. 
Each year I have asked my friends (many own their own businesses) to donate to my cause of trying to make Thanksgiving and Christmas special to these people.


This past Friday night we hosted our Fourth Christmas party for our employee's.  I think that it went very well and that the employee's had fun.  Had to scale down alot this year due to Federal cutbacks and increased operational costs but all in all I think it went great.  RHCS sent out 50 gifts to our elderly clients along with goody bags for each client.  Today, I am working on 16 more gift bags that my son (4 years old) and I will be delivering to a nursing home later this week.

Adopting an elderly person for Christmas

Tis the season --- if you are looking to do something good for someone during this Christmas season PLEASE consider adopting a elderly person or couple.  Many times these people have no visitors during the holiday season, no gifts under a tree and no holiday meal.  It takes so little to make them feel loved and remembered.  If you are interested in doing something like this please feel free to contact me.  I have many clients who could certainly use some help.

Great things are coming....

Righteous Home Care Services, Inc. - has now partnered with Medical Alert Systems to offer low cost but high quality Medical Alert Systems.  Please call 910-865-3150 for more information if you have a friend or family member who may benefit from a Medical Alert System. 
Stay tuned for more exciting information about how the owner of Righteous Home Care Services, Inc. is working to help the elderly and disabled in our community and surrounding areas.  

Now Hiring

Righteous Home Care Services, Inc. is currently hiring Certified Nursing Assistants and Contracted RNs.  If interested please complete the online application and forward to our office or call 910-865-3150 for more information.  Thank you and I look forward to talking with you soon about our wonderful agency and the possibilities of you becoming a part of our team.  

Good Morning

Good morning to all of our clients and employee's.  I hope that you all have a wonderful week.  For any questions or concerns please give me a call at the office.  Be Blessed. 


I would like to have a forum where people can discuss questions or concerns regarding Home Care or Companionship Services.   If you or a family member have had services before or if you are currently looking for services but have questions please feel free to post to our blog.  I will check back daily to see if I can answer any questions.  Thank you,   Stephanie

Thank You

Well this is my first blog entry to our website.  Some of you may know of us and of the wonderful agency that has developed in the last two and a half years.  But, many do not.  Righteous Home Care Agency, Inc. (RHCS) was officially opened to accept clients in January 2009.  Since then we have had the honor and privilege of serving nearly 100 clients.  These clients have been a blessing to us professionally as well as personally.  Our clients and their family members have entrusted RHCS to care for them or their loved ones.
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